Smooth Riders, LLC Event

Terms & Conditions Agreement

Please reference our terms and conditions for information on reservations and party bus rules. All terms and conditions must be acknowledged in reply to your confirmation email and signed at event pick-up. Download Smooth Riders, LLC Terms and Conditions Agreement.

  • Reservation Terms
  • Smooth Riders, LLC requires a $100 down payment to hold a bus reservation for the agreed upon date and time. This down payment will be put towards the final bill which is to be paid in full by credit card only at the time of pick up. This $100 down payment is non-refundable at any time after paid. The Client may transfer the $100 down payment to the new reservation date or time.

    If Client decides to cancel or reschedule reservation within 2 weeks prior to the event date an additional $150 cancelation fee will be charged.

    The quoted price of the event is for the agreed upon time, date, duration, location discussed at time of booking. These details will be emailed in a Confirmation Email to the client after the down payment has been paid. The client is responsible for reviewing any the details and making any corrections known to Smooth Riders. If any of these details are changed, the price is also subject to change.

    If any of the reservation details cannot be met by Smooth Riders due to conditions outside of their control (e.g. accidents, breakdowns, weather, DOT Inspections, road construction, traffic congestion) they will to the best of their ability notify the client of any delays or changes. Only Smooth Riders reserves the right to cancel any reservation due to weather, breakdowns, or other unforeseen conditions. In which case, the client will receive a full refund.

  • Damages and Messes
  • Smooth Riders has the right to charge the Client for any damages or repairs caused by client and guests for any amount up to $500. These damages may include but are not limited to; damaged upholstery, stereo equipment, windows, lighting, coolers, seating structure and finishes.

    Smooth Riders has the right to charge Client for any excessive messes or bodily fluids (urine, vomit) left on the bus up to an amount of $100 per mess.

    A list of the damages and charges will be discussed with the Client prior to charging. Damage charges will be charged to the Client's credit card used for the reservation down payment.

  • Fighting and Disputes
  • Physical fighting or threats are not tolerated in any way by Smooth Riders. If at any time Smooth Riders' personnel feel that the safety of the driver or passengers or integrity of the vehicle is in jeopardy, they may request off or remove any or all passengers from the bus at the current location and end the service without refund. If passengers have broken the law, refuse to exit the vehicle, or continue to fight outside the vehicle, Smooth Riders' personnel may contact the Authorities. Any changes to the reservation details made by Smooth Riders due to these terms do not reduce agreed upon event price. Additional charges incurred for damages or added driver's time due to dealings with authorities may be applied.

  • Liabilities
  • Smooth Riders is not liable for damage, loss or theft of any personal property brought or left on the bus. Smooth Riders will make every effort to recover and return any property left on the bus after the event, but may charge for delivery or shipping if expense is incurred. Smooth Riders is not liable for any injuries or health issues incurred by passengers on or off the vehicle throughout the duration of the event.

  • Alcohol
  • Alcohol is permitted and legal to consume by passengers age 21 and over on Smooth Riders' vehicles. This is only legal on DOT authorized Passenger Carriers like Smooth Riders, LLC. Smooth Riders is not responsible for any injuries caused as a result of the consumption of alcohol by passengers. The Driver may request any passenger to stop the consumption of alcohol or exit the vehicle if they are concerned for the individual's or other passenger's safety. All opened alcohol containers must be left on the vehicle when exiting at locations other than a private residence.

  • Smoking
  • There is no smoking on any Smooth Riders buses. If a passenger is caught smoking, the driver will ask them to stop. If they do not comply, they will be asked to leave the bus for the rest of the rental duration. Any damages caused by smoking will be subject to damage charges listed in these terms.

  • Payment Terms
  • The Client who made the reservation and paid the $100 down payment is responsible for the remainder of the event payments and damage charges. All payments must be paid by credit card only. By reserving a bus as defined in these terms the client agrees to these terms and to authorize Smooth Riders, LLC to charge the credit card used for the down payment for any payments or charges outstanding after completion of the event. Smooth Riders will contact the client with the amount being charged along with an itemized list of the charges.

    Smooth Riders will fairly discuss and settle any charge discrepancies or refund requests with the client. These Terms will be used for determining the basis for any refunds. Smooth Riders is not responsible for any credit card fees or overdraft charges as a result of payments, or delayed refunds.

  • Privacy of Information
  • Smooth Riders, LLC respects the privacy of client information and agrees not to disclose any personal or payment information with any other party or individuals. Smooth Riders holds and obtains personal information for internal records and advertising only. Smooth Riders may only release private information to Law Enforcement Authorities if lawfully requested to do so.

  • Agreement
  • By completing a reservation and placing a down payment as defined in these Terms the Client enters into this Agreement of Terms and Conditions. The client may also sign this contract to further validate the Agreement if they feel necessary. By entering into this Agreement you agree that you are responsible for the behavior, actions, and compliance to these terms by your guests and agree to share these terms and conditions with them. You authorize any charges or payments outstanding to be charged by Smooth Riders, LLC to your credit card used for the reservation down payment.