Smooth Riders, LLC Event

Questions about Renting

  • 1. How do I go about reserving a party bus?
  • When you are ready to make a reservation, please call our sales line at 651-327-0815. We will gather all your event details, personal and credit card information over the phone. We will charge your credit card a $100 down payment to reserve the bus. This down payment is non-refundable, but may be transferred to another booking date. You will then receive a Confirmation Email from our sales representative asking you to confirm your event details.

    Please also see our Terms and Conditions Agreementfor more details on reservations, payments and other Smooth Riders terms.

  • 2. Are you a licensed business?
  • Smooth Riders is a registered and licensed Passenger Carrier with the state of Minnesota (MN 375926) and US Department of Transportation (US 2074845). This means that all buses are inspected annually by the DOT and daily by drivers or mechanics. All buses are insured to state required liability limits. All drivers meet the MN and US DOT requirements for medical, driving, and criminal records.

  • 3. What if I don't know all my event details yet?
  • Don't worry if you do not have finalized plans yet and are just looking for information. Fill out our quote form as best you can and make a note in the comments field. We would be happy to discuss all possible options to help best fit your needs and budget. You are not in any way obligated by completing the form, nor is any information provided final until reservations are made.

  • 4. What should I bring to play music on your bus?
  • All of our Party Buses come with premium stereo systems that can connect to your cell phone or iPod via a mini Aux plug (headphone jack). All buses can also accept CD's including mp3 or a USB memory stick. Our Sky Rider Bus can also connect to your device via Bluetooth.

  • 5. Do you have coolers and ice on the Party Bus?
  • Our White Rider Bus does have a large cooler under the seat for you to use. The others buses do not, but there is plenty of space for you to bring your own cooler on. We do not provide ice for the coolers.

  • 6. I've heard of party buses getting stopped and shut down by the police or DOT in the middle of a rental. Does that really happen?
  • Party Buses are commercial vehicles, and have several Passenger Carrier requirements and certifications to operate legally. As a result, the DOT or Highway Patrol can pull over a Party Bus at any time just to check paperwork and inspect the vehicle. This has and will continue to happen to Smooth Riders buses several times, especially in downtown Minneapolis. If the bus fails the inspection, it can be put out of service and not allowed to move. Fortunately, Smooth Riders buses have always passed inspection and have never been grounded as a result of our diligent maintenance and inspections.

  • 7. What if we are having too much fun at the end of the night and want to stay out longer?
  • This is usually not a problem. You can just ask your driver if the bus is available later and let him know how late you would like to go. We will just charge you for every extra 30min you use at what ever rate you were booked at. The driver will run your card for this amount before you are dropped off.

  • 8. Can the bus take my guests home to different locations at the end of the night?
  • You rent the Party Bus for a set amount of time. If you chose to have the bus drop your guests off at their home for the night during that time, it is not a problem. If your guests need a ride home after your rental time is over, we can do so, but would need to charge you or your guest for the extra time.

  • 9. What if I don't know all my details yet, but I want to get the Party Bus reserved before it's unavailable?
  • This is not a problem, just give us as many tentative details as you can and we will get you reserved and on the calendar. You can firm up the details at a later time.

  • 10. I'm not very familiar with the area or the bar scene. Can you recommend places to go for the night?
  • We are very experienced with the area and fun places to go. After a short discussion of what type of music or bar's you are interested in, we can make several recommendations for you.